Connecticut Voices For Children

Our Mission

We promote the well-being of all of Connecticut’s children and families by identifying and advocating for strategic public investments and wise public policies.

All Connecticut children can reach their full potential when we embrace diverse identities and remove barriers to well-being.

Our Priorities
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Thriving Children & Families

Children do well when families do well. Connecticut Voices advocates for solutions that build healthy children and families, such as integrated community health services, prevention-focused programs, and the elimination of policies and practices that unjustly punish Black and Brown children and families.

Educational Excellence

All children in Connecticut deserve access to a high-quality education that supports their development from birth through college and career. Connecticut Voices supports educational policies and practices that reduce the predictability of student outcomes based on race and other demographics.

Fiscal Policy & Economic Inclusion

Budgets are a clear reflection of what and who we value as a state. Connecticut Voices identifies investments in children as the primary budget priority but we also advocate for a fair and adequate tax system that supports state budget investments in the well-being of families and promotes inclusive growth within our state’s economy.

Advancing Equity & Opportunity

Connecticut Voices identifies children and families most at risk and advocates for research-based policies that advance equity and opportunity regardless of race, ethnicity, geography, or family structure.

HUSKY Eligibility Manual - 2019

The HUSKY Eligibility Manual for children and families is a tool created by ‘Covering Connecticut’s Kids and Families’, a state-wide coalition of organizations enrolling Connecticut families in the HUSKY program since 1999. It is designed to serve as a reference for advocates, providers, outreach workers, and community-based organizations who work with families.

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Connecticut Voices for Children Report - September 25, 2019

Connecticut’s Middle Class is Smaller, Less Inclusive

Connecticut Voices for Children released a report entitled ‘The State of Working Connecticut’ that examined the status of the state’s workforce and found evidence that Connecticut’s middle class is smaller and less racially and ethnically inclusive than before the 2007 economic downfall.

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Happy Indigenous Peoples' Day! Did you know Connecticut comes from the Algonquian word "Quinnehtukqut," meaning beside the long tidal river? Today we celebrate the rich cultures and many contributions of the Native tribes from across the U.S. and Connecticut.

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