Welcome to Connecticut Voices’ new blog and website!

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Voices websiteWe're excited to announce that Connecticut Voices for Children has launched a new blog and a new website at www.ctvdrupal.asqhost.com

Our new blog, Voices Speaking, provides brief news updates, announcements, alerts, and analysis on emerging issues, as well as opportunities for you to share your views in our comments section.  If you use an RSS reader to follow blogs, be sure to subscribe to ours!

Among the new features of our website:

  • Our visual and navigational redesign makes our website more user-friendly and attractive.
  • Our new web address (ctvdrupal.asqhost.com) is easier to recall than our previous address (ctkidslink.org).
  • Our overhauled Publications and Legislative Testimony sections offer new tools that can help you find our materials by issue, author, or date range.
  • A new Issues section provides background and resources on our issue areas, key issue staff, and publications.
  • Our Ways to Give area reviews the ways in which you can support CT Voices, including an online donation form.
  • Our Events and In The News sections keep you informed of upcoming CT Voices-sponsored events, as well as recent news stories that feature our work and staff.

To stay in touch with Connecticut Voices online, please be sure to:

  • Update the bookmark in your web browser from our old address (ctkidslink.org) to our new address (ctvdrupal.asqhost.com).
  • Update our e-mail addresses in your address book from ctkidslink.org to ctvdrupal.asqhost.com.  See our staff list for addresses.  (The first part of our e-mail addresses will remain the same, e.g., jbell@ctvdrupal.asqhost.com will replace jbell@ctkidslink.org.)
  • Sign up for our e-mail newsletters, if you haven’t already.
  • Follow our Twitter feed and our Facebook page.
  • Use the “Share” feature (upper right corner of most pages) to share our reports and information with others via e-mail or social media.
  • If you use an RSS reader, subscribe to the RSS feeds for our home page and our blog.

Please spread the word!