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Casserian Engeri, a greeting among Masai warriors, asks and how are the children? Connecticut Voices for Children asks that question every day.  We ask it because we believe that every child in our state should be afforded the chance to succeed. 

Over the past year, Connecticut Voices for Children has engaged with legislators, agency heads, researchers, philanthropists, advocates and other state leaders, bringing our question, and how are the children, to the forefront of all policy related discussions. 

Our recent work has made a difference in the lives of countless children:

  • Fewer children now languish in group homes for children in foster care, thanks to child-centered reforms at the Department of Children and Families;
  • Tens of thousands more low-income working families can meet the basic needs of their children, thanks to the Connecticut Earned Income Tax Credit; and
  • Tens of thousands of our state’s youngest children will be assured of quality child care with the launch of the Office of Early Childhood.

Our work is made possible through contributions from people like you: individuals and families who believe in the potential of every child.  Now we are asking for your contribution – to help us meet a challenge by an anonymous donor who has offered to match all contributions, dollar for dollar, up to $75,000. 

During the next year, your generous support will help us to ensure that:

  • More children and youth in foster care can access high-quality K-12 and higher education,
  • Our state budget protects and improves on our investment in our children and our future, and
  • State and federal health reforms are implemented in ways that increase access and reduce red tape for families that need health care.

Please help us to make these goals a reality by donating today.  Whether your budget allows you to give $100 or $10,000 dollars, your gift will go further this year thanks to the matching challenge donation.

Casserian EngeriMany thanks for your ongoing support!


Ellen Shemitz
Executive Director

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