More Children with Disabilities to Get the Health Services They Need to Remain at Home

Back • July 3, 2014 • Uncategorized

Recently Governor Malloy announced that Connecticut’s Medicaid program for medically fragile children, known as the Katie Becket program, will be helping up to 100 additional families care for their children at home.

“We applaud Governor Malloy and the Legislature for enabling more families to care for children with severe disabilities in their homes, instead of placing them in costly institutions,” said Sharon   Langer, Advocacy Director at Connecticut Voices for Children.  “The additional funding for the Katie Beckett program means that Connecticut will help an additional 100 families, increasing the number of slots from 200 to 300.   While this represents a 50 percent increase in the number of children who will now have access to home health and other medical services, hundreds of children remain on a waiting list.  Connecticut should build on this foundation and open up the program to more children in need.”   

“The Katie Beckett program not only provides critically needed health services to children with disabilities but also enables their parents to hold down jobs, pay taxes, and have the peace of mind that their children are adequately cared for in their homes,” said Ellen Shemitz, Executive Director of Connecticut Voices for Children.