2014 Candidate Briefing Materials

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Because children cannot vote, they rely upon us to advocate for issues essential to their well-being.  During every election cycle, Connecticut Voices for Children prepares a series of candidate briefing papers that discuss issues concerning child health, education, and well-being.  We’ve posted these materials on our Election 2014 resource page.  The topics include:

In addition, we’ve created a town data fact sheet that highlights indicators of child and family well-being and needs for support for each Connecticut city and town.  Our Elections 2014 resource page also has links to lists of candidates and voter registration forms.

These are a few suggested steps that you can take as an individual to encourage greater discussion of the needs of Connecticut’s children and to make sure your voice is heard:

  • Ask your local candidates about their positions on issues affecting children and families.
  • Write a letter to the editor about your top priorities for Connecticut’s children and the policy steps that policymakers should take to address them.
  • Verify that you are registered to vote and check on your polling place through the Secretary of State’s lookup tool.
  • Vote for kids on November 4!