Interactive Map: Governor’s Cuts to Cities and Towns

Back • April 11, 2017 • Uncategorized

The Governor’s budget would reduce the Earned Income Tax Credit, remove parents from HUSKY A, eliminate property tax support for the middle class, and cut municipal aid to 141 towns.

Statewide, proposed cuts to the EITC and the property tax credit are equal to a tax increase of $93 for low-income families and $157 for middle-income families. At the same time, the Governor’s estate tax proposal would be equal to a tax break of $100,000, on average, for some 600 taxpayers.

In our new interactive maps you can look at the town-by-town impact of these cuts on the property tax credit and EITC, as well as Care 4 Kids and changes to municipal aid funding. Information is available on how many residents in each town benefit from the EITC, property tax credit, Care 4 Kids and Husky A, another program at risk from cuts. 

We also created Individual fact sheets for each House and Senate district so you can share that information with your legislators. You can download them here

For more information on the Governor's Budget proposal, you can find our full analysis here