TAKE ACTION! Bipartisan Bill to Subject Business Tax Breaks to Public Scrutiny Under Threat

Back • June 7, 2017 • Uncategorized

A bipartisan bill that would require greater public scrutiny and transparency to the hundreds of millions of dollars Connecticut spends on business tax breaks every year is being threatened.  
After passing the House unanimously, lawmakers are now proposing to amend the bill (HB 7316) into a larger, more controversial bill that Governor Malloy has threatened to veto.
Unlike General Fund spending on education, infrastructure, and social services, business tax breaks lack transparency. Once on the books, they can remain for years, or even decades, without scrutiny.
Take action by contacting the Finance Committee Co-Chairs Senator Frantz and Senator Fonfara, and Senate leadership Senator Looney and Senator Fasano.
Tell them that transparency and public scrutiny are now more important than ever as budget deficits force lawmakers to make drastic cuts to programs that impact children and families. Ask them to keep the bill clean.