Voices from the Capitol (XXVII): A Budget that Puts Families First

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The State Budget Negotiations

Negotiations over the Connecticut state budget continue. Legislative leaders and the Governor have been talking behind closed doors during the past week, but they continue to disagree on numerous issues. House and Senate leadership have postponed the planned budget vote scheduled for today until the end of the month. At stake: ensuring opportunity for the next generation while closing a two-year $5 billion deficit.

Action Alert: A Budget that Puts Families First

Connecticut’s children and families need your help. Call your legislators today, and tell them that Connecticut needs a budget that puts families first, with a balanced approach that includes new revenue. It is time for the state to focus on building a strong foundation for equitable economic growth by investing in education, infrastructure and health care, with a budget that is based upon long-term strategies and solid state finances, not short-term cuts.

Connecticut faces a choice: we can adopt a balanced approach that combines making children and families our main priority with new revenue, or we can rely on cuts that hurt the most vulnerable, reduce opportunity, and endanger our future. It is time to raise our voices and ask our legislators to make the right choice for children and families in the state.

Click here to find your legislator’s contact information. Read below for more information on revenue options for Connecticut and talking points for your call.


Upcoming Event: Wallingford Town Hall Meeting with Legislators

Senator Len Fasano, Representative Vincent Candelora, and Representative Craig Fishbein are hosting a town hall today Tuesday July 18 at Wallingford Town Hall, 45 S Main Street,  from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm. The event is open to the public. This is a good opportunity to make your voice heard on issues related to early childhood, education, healthcare, and the state budget.

For more information contact Chris Diorio at chris.diorio@cga.ct.gov or 1.800.842.1421.


Want More Action Alerts?

As the budget negotiations continue, we will start sending more action alerts to our “Voices from the Capitol” mailing list. Make sure you are subscribed here.


Infographic: A Balanced Budget Approach

We just released a new infographic arguing for a better approach for the Connecticut state budget – one that includes investment in Connecticut’s future, tax reform, and new revenue to get the state back on track.



Click here to download the PDF. Click here for the interactive version..


ACA Repeal Update: Victory, for now

Last week, Senate Republicans released an updated version of their Affordable Care Act (ACA) repeal effort, after their first proposal failed to gather enough support. This new version is broadly similar to the previous draft, with one glaring exception: the bill will allow insurance companies to offer plans that do not cover essential benefits or pre-existing conditions. In other words, a return to the “junk insurance” plans that were sadly common before the ACA became law.

The bill, however, failed again to gather enough support. By yesterday evening, four senators have announced their opposition, forcing Senate leaders to withdraw it from consideration. Senate leadership announced a new strategy of outright repeal of most of the ACA provisions, a bill that if passed would leave more than 32 million people without health insurance. The proposal appears to be faltering as well, bringing the ACA repeal effort to an end.

There might another repeal effort in the coming months. The Trump administration can use its regulatory powers to weaken the law. For now, however, the ACA is the law of the land, and with it, millions of Americans will remain insured.


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