Action Alert – Spending Cap Puts Key Programs at Risk

Back • October 11, 2017 • Uncategorized

The spending cap has become a central issue in the current bipartisan budget negotiations. While a spending cap can be vital for preventing runaway spending, an overly restrictive cap would mean that Connecticut can no longer makes opportunity for children and families a priority. Unfortunately, proposed changes to the spending cap would have that effect, limiting the state’s ability to meet vital needs today or key priorities tomorrow.

  • Force the state to choose between vital priorities by including state aid to distressed municipalities under the cap;
  • Hamstring our ability to meet the changing needs of vulnerable populations and restrict the state’s capacity to respond to changes in federal policy;
  • Incentivize legislators to hide federal funds in non-appropriated accounts, making the budget process less transparent;
  • Reduce the effectiveness of state programs by including state money to implement federal programs under the cap; and
  • Accelerate the shrinking of the share of the budget devoted to children by punishing the state for attempting to make up for previous mismanagement of pension liabilities.

If the General Assembly passes a budget with a three-fifths majority vote—a possibility if a compromise budget emerges from current negotiations—the spending cap would affect far more than our funding for two years, as it would likely have constitutional force. We urge you to contact legislative leadership today and call for a spending cap driven by a commitment to meeting vital needs, strengthening our cities and towns, and spurring equitable economic growth.

Click here to find your legislator. Our full report on the spending cap is avaiable here