All children and families deserve better than this

This op-ed was first published in the Connecticut Mirror.

We are deeply disappointed that the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the revised public charge regulations. This rips the very fabric of who we are as a state and a country. All children and families —whether born in the United States or not— deserve better than this.

This is a devastating reminder of the need for persistent civic engagement at all levels, in and around communities whose lives are impacted the most. We must remain vigilant in protecting the rights of our state’s most vulnerable communities by relentlessly advocating for policies to ensure liberty and justice for all.

The controversial rule will make it more difficult for immigrants to get green cards if it looks as though they might need public assistance, forcing families to choose between putting food on the table, healthcare, stable housing and their future life in the United States. Multiple federal courts had blocked the revised public charge regulation from going into effect on October 15 but today, the U.S. Supreme Court temporarily set aside the preliminary injunctions that prevented DHS’ public charge rule from taking effect nationwide.

This was the last of the three district court nationwide injunctions in force, which means that the DHS rule can go into effect nationwide, except in Illinois where it is blocked by a statewide injunction.

Emily Byrne is Executive Director of Connecticut Voices for Children.