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The State Economy, the State Budget and the State of Our Children

January 17, 2018 • Budget and Tax

The budget passed by the General Assembly in October was much more than a budget document. In addition to severe cuts, the General Assembly also imposed sweeping changes to the state's constitutional spending cap along with several new budget restrictions. These rules, together, could dramati...


Infographic: a Better Approach to the State Budget

July 13, 2017 • Budget and Tax

The state budget is the clearest statement of Connecticut's policy priorities. Connecticut needs a balanced approach that combines strategic spending with new revenue. See the our infographic below and full ...


Webinar: A Better Approach for the State Budget

June 26, 2017 • Budget and Tax

Connecticut's budget is the clearest statement of its policy priorities. As such, it should prioritize revenue and expense options that advance long-term inclusive economic prosperity, improve equity, and prepare our children for success. The ...


Interactive Map: Governor’s Cuts to Cities and Towns

April 11, 2017 • Budget and Tax

The Governor’s budget would reduce the Earned Income Tax Credit, remove parents from HUSKY A, eliminate property tax support for the middle class, and cut municipal aid to 141 towns. Statewide, proposed cuts to the ...


Connecticut among states with highest income inequality

December 20, 2016 •

Connecticut is among the states with the highest income inequality in the country, according to a new report from the Center on Budget and...


Investing in Connecticut: taxes and economic prosperity

September 23, 2016 • Budget and Tax

If you read what some commentators are saying about our state, you m...


Combined Reporting: Fair Taxation for Shared Prosperity

November 3, 2015 • Budget and Tax

Declining revenue projections – contributing to Connecticut’s increasing budget deficit – illustrate why recent legislation to raise revenue by making business taxation more equitable was the right course for the state to take, even as some big corporations step up their attacks...


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