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Op-Ed: Diverse advocacy groups agree on what ails Connecticut

This op-ed was featured in The Day. ———- When you have the head of a business association and a researcher for a progressive think tank pointing toward the same solutions to improve Connecticut’s economy and provide more opportunities for its citizens, the building blocks for co...


Editorial: Housing solutions require leadership

July 20, 2023 •

OPINION Hearst Connecticut Media Editorial Board July 20, 2023 We didn’t need a U.S. senator to tell us we have a housing crisis. We can see it every day. Supply is down, prices are up, evictions are climbing and options are limited. But it doesn’t hurt to have powerful people making the case th...


We Stand with Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic

September 23, 2022 •

Traducción al Español Resilient is a word that’s too often used to described communities of color. These past few years have been especially exhausting—necessitating more effort, more grace to push through the day. In spite of it all, we rise every morning and persevere. While we know lif...


2022 Legislative Wrap-up!

May 5, 2022 •

Dear Voices Community – The 2022 legislative session has concluded! This year, the Connecticut General Assembly passed a FY23 budget adjustment that provides unprecedented support to the state’s hardworking families. We are pleased to report that a number of the policies we have fought f...


Partnerships for child welfare

April 1, 2022 • Child Welfare

This op-ed was published by the CT Mirror and be viewed HERE. Volunteers can help professionals, families, and children themselves shape a better future. April —Child Abuse Prevention Month and Volunteer Appreciation Month— arrives during what is heralded as the “year of the child.”  It’...


Juvenile justice reform: Many hurdles remain but still worth pursuing

March 16, 2022 • Criminal Legal System Reform

by Derrick M. Gordon, Ph.D. and Shannon Schrader Recent discourse on juvenile justice reform has focused on the increases in juvenile offending and the need to hold young offenders accountable for the crimes they have committed. At the same time, judicial rulings (e.g., “Graham v. Florida,” 2...


It Is Our Stories That Connect Us

April 19, 2021 • Budget and Tax

“The moment we choose to love we begin to move against domination, against oppression. The moment we choose to love we begin to move towards freedom, to act in ways that liberate ourselves and others.” – Bell Hooks On June 5, 2020, my friends and I joined thousands of other protestors, fis...


Connecticut Voices for Children Welcomes Leonard Jahad and Garth Harries to the Board

October 28, 2020 •

Dear Voices Community – I’m delighted to announce our newest board members: Leonard Jahad and Garth Harries! Leonard Jahad is the Executive Director of the Connecticut Violence Intervention Program (CT-VIP), where he supervises a team of outreach workers that mentor at-risk youth in New Have...


Counselors Not Cops

Within the past year and a half, Connecticut Voices for Children has examined the factors that contribute to students facing punishment, exclusionary discipline, and arrest in school and the efficacy and prevalence of  School Resource Officers (SROs) in Connecticut. Through our research we’ve dis...


Q & A Blog Series: Family Economic Security & More

Translación en español le sigue. In just a few weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic has had profound impacts on the lives of all Connecticut’s families and children.  A virus with no vaccine, no treatment, and no prior human exposures to enable us to develop some individual and herd immunity, it sweeps...


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