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Creating Wealth With ‘Baby Bonds’

September 20, 2022 •

  When Efrem Fesaha first heard about baby bonds this spring, it made him think back to when he was 17 and a senior at Chief Sealth High School in West Seattle. He was the fourth of six children, his father had just died, and he wondered, “How am I going to fund my college?” He had to think...


Why Connecticut’s top 10 ranking in child well-being may not be all good news

August 18, 2022 •

Click HERE to listen to the story. Connecticut Public Radio | By John Henry Smith Published August 18, 2022 at 6:06 PM EDT Every year, NPR underwriter The Annie E. Casey Foundation produces the Kids Count report. The report ranks states according to the level of well-being enjoyed by their children....


‘Kids Count’ report: CT ranks 7th in the nation for childhood well-being: Housing affordability a low point for the state, national report says

August 8, 2022 •

by Ginny Monk Connecticut improved its national ranking in childhood well-being but still has progress to make, particularly in housing and issues related to economic security, according to an annual report released today. Connecticut was ranked 7th in the nation in this year’s Annie E. Casey Fou...


New Haven Pushes Affordable Housing Bills

March 25, 2022 •

New Haven-backed state bills that would allow public housing authorities to develop properties in neighboring towns and that would require an assessment of the statewide need for affordable housing have advanced out of committee. A third City Hall-endorsed housing reform bill — designed to pr...


New coalition renews push for more affordable housing in CT

February 14, 2022 •

A new multi-year initiative aims to encourage more affordable housing, reduce segregation and push community revitalization in Connecticut. Erik Trautmann / Hearst Connecticut Media About 20 organizations have joined a coalition to support a new, multi-year initiative designed to support more afford...


CT’s minimum wage hike has many poor families heading toward a ‘benefits cliff’

March 12, 2021 •

Connecticut families that rely chiefly on minimum-wage jobs could effectively lose more than half of the pay hikes they will receive by mid-2023 due to the potential loss of state benefits, according to a new report from Connecticut Voices for Children. The New Haven-based policy think-tank is als...


Plan To Expand Child Tax Credit Offers Hope Along With Direct Payments

March 3, 2021 •

When her car started making a noise more than a year ago, Chinara Johnson parked the vehicle and hasn’t used it since. As a New Haven mother of 5-year-old twin boys, one of whom is on the autism spectrum, and an 8-year-old daughter, Johnson doesn’t have the money to get the car running properly ...


Connecticut Advocacy Group Presses State To Update Benefit Eligibility In Wake Of Minimum Wage Hike

February 23, 2021 •

Connecticut Voices for Children say there will be unintended consequences for families due to the increase in minimum wage unless the state updates its benefit eligibility criteria. The group released a report that says a small wage increase can lead to a significant reduction in public benefits. Th...


Susan Campbell: New training for real estate agents should improve home ownership equity in CT

January 16, 2021 •

At Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial, Democratic representatives (and some Republicans) testified to the president’s incitement of a deadly riot, his lack of remorse, and his abuse of power. A few mentioned white supremacy. The insurgency didn’t just happen, and neither does white suprem...


Campbell: As COVID vaccine is distributed, circle of ‘essential’ workers needs expansion

January 2, 2021 •

If you want to watch a real-time experiment on equality in America, pay attention to the way Covid-19 vaccinations are being distributed. So far, the results have been a little disheartening. The national news is full of bold-faced names posing under the cricket-click of news cameras as they roll up...


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