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Campaign continues work to remove SROs from schools

October 11, 2021 •

The Community First Coalition launched its “Care Not Cops” campaign last month, continuing longstanding efforts to remove SROs from public schools. A coalition of Connecticut youth-led organizations has recently launched a campaign to remove police from public schools and to change the nature of...


Opinion: He had family just 58 miles away. So why were endless foster homes his only option?

October 4, 2021 •

There was always something about Sixto Cancel, the way the Bridgeport teenager carried himself, his direct gaze, the fact that he spoke in full paragraphs. He seemed older than his years. I met him in 2011, when he was writing a college essay in which he called himself “America’s Angriest Colore...


Sen. Chris Murphy, others reintroduce legislation to increase counselors in schools

June 17, 2021 •

A Connecticut politician is proposing federal legislation to prioritize resources for counselors — before police — in schools. Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., with colleagues in the Senate and House, is reintroducing The Counseling Not Criminalization in Schools Act, which directs billions in federa...


Editorial: CT must explore role of police in schools

June 1, 2021 •

A candid debate over assigning police officers to schools is overdue in Connecticut. Like the best debate topics, this is not an easy one. The impulse in some quarters to expel police as a backlash against law enforcement would be inappropriate. In the wake of George Floyd’s death, a flurry of maj...


Eye on Connecticut: School to prison pipeline

May 16, 2021 •

Psychologist Lauren Ruth explains how students of color are disproportionately harmed when schools use zero-tolerance disciplinary policies. Ruth is director of research and policy with Connecticut Voices for Children, which published a report last year on the so-called school-to-prison pipeline in ...


Op-Ed: Amid concerns about family separation, let’s remember Connecticut’s children with incarcerated parents

April 27, 2021 •

While many Americans watched in horror as family separation policies tore families apart at the border, many of us didn’t know how frequently our laws tear apart families of color here in Connecticut. When judges sentence parents to incarceration, they can unknowingly sentence children to family s...


Advocates Prefer Ending School Officer Program To Studying It

March 10, 2021 •

Advocates for children are offering tepid support for a bill that would require the state Department of Education to study the role of School Resource Officers throughout Connecticut. Several agencies including the Center for Children’s Advocacy and the state Office of the Child Advocate told the ...


Report Urges Detention Alternatives Funded By Cost-Savings

November 6, 2020 •

A child advocacy group is recommending that state officials place fewer youth in detention and instead fund community support programs that reduce crime and prevent kids from entering the criminal justice system. The state could save as much as $106.21 per child, per day, if fewer kids were placed i...


Opinion: All children and families deserve better than this

February 3, 2020 •

We are deeply disappointed that the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the revised public charge regulations. This rips the very fabric of who we are as a state and a country. All children and families —whether born in the United States or not— deserve better than this. This is a devastating r...


In Connecticut, advocates succeed in push for Census funding

November 21, 2019 •

While we are getting very close to the 2020 Census, there is still time to get your state to help fund Census outreach. Connecticut just put money towards the Census, and advocates are seeking more. Maybe what happened in Connecticut can be a model in your state too. When one examines Connecticut st...


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