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Comparing minimum wage to the cost of living in every state

The federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour, a rate that has not gone up since 2009. As the current wage stagnates, its purchasing power erodes against inflation. The average living wage today—defined as an income threshold that provides basic shelter and food and keeps a person above the poverty ...

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Editorial: CT must explore role of police in schools

A candid debate over assigning police officers to schools is overdue in Connecticut. Like the best debate topics, this is not an easy one. The impulse in some quarters to expel police as a backlash against law enforcement would be inappropriate. In the wake of George Floyd’s death, a flurry of maj...

Authors: The Hearst Connecticut Media Editorial Board •  Source: Stamford Advocate

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Report: Pandemic deepened longtime problems in early education, opening doors to structural change

May 29, 2021 • Education & Employment

Child care has long operated on precarious economic footing, but the pandemic pushed the industry to the brink. Before the pandemic, Connecticut faced a shortage of 50,000 infant and toddler child care slots, meeting the need of just a third of young children, the state has estimated. Care was unaf...

Authors: Cayla Bamberger •  Source: CT Post

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Opinion: The time for CT Baby Bonds is now

May 18, 2021 • Fiscal & Economics

At Connecticut Voices for Children we focus our research, policies and movement building on the intersectional issues of affordable housing, criminal justice, fair employment and tax reform because we know that a child’s well-being is rooted in their family’s economic security. We have been th...

Authors: Emily Byrne, M.P.A. •  Source: CT Post • View

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Connecticut’s Child Care Crisis Continues

May 17, 2021 • Education & Employment

Click Here for Video Clip Connecticut was already 50,000 child care slots short before the pandemic. Now it’s at 72% of its pre-pandemic capacity. With parents headed back to the office, a new report looks at whether they will be able to afford to go back to work or find a slot. “Connecticut has...

Authors: Christine Stuart •  Source: NBC CT • View

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20% of Connecticut child care centers have closed since COVID-19, and preschool capacity has dropped, posing challenges as workers return to their jobs

May 17, 2021 • Education & Employment

About 20% of Connecticut’s child care centers have permanently closed since the coronavirus pandemic, and preschool capacity has dropped by more than 10,000 slots since 2020, leaders of the nonprofit Connecticut Voices for Children said Monday as they released a new report on early childhood durin...

Authors: Amanda Blanco •  Source: The Hartford Courant • View

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Call for Comprehensive Reform of Childcare, Post-COVID

May 17, 2021 • Education & Employment

Connecticut Voices for Children (CT Voices) released a report that examines the structural barriers to access, quality, and stability of early child care in Connecticut. The report, “The State of Early Childhood During the COVID-19 Pandemic,” offers six short-term and seven long-term recommendat...

Source: Connecticut By The Numbers • View

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Eye on Connecticut: School to prison pipeline

May 14, 2021 • Education, Rights & Justice

Psychologist Lauren Ruth explains how students of color are disproportionately harmed when schools use zero-tolerance disciplinary policies. Ruth is director of research and policy with Connecticut Voices for Children, which published a report last year on the so-called school-to-prison pipeline in ...

Authors: Mike Savino •  Source: Eyewitness News 3 • View

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An Interview with Connecticut Conference of Municipalities

April 28, 2021 •


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Op-Ed: Amid concerns about family separation, let’s remember Connecticut’s children with incarcerated parents

April 27, 2021 • Rights & Justice

While many Americans watched in horror as family separation policies tore families apart at the border, many of us didn’t know how frequently our laws tear apart families of color here in Connecticut. When judges sentence parents to incarceration, they can unknowingly sentence children to family s...

Authors: Allison Durkin; Destiny Lopez; Eleanor Roberts •  Source: Connecticut Mirror • View

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