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Dan Haar: Two views of the CT economy. Who’s right?

September 14, 2021 •

Are we all living in the same state? Not even halfway through the week, we’ve seen two prominent views of the Connecticut economy and it’s as though we’re on different planets. And both views came from Democrats — one dour (an advocacy group that wants more public spending), the other upbeat...

Authors: Dan Haar •  Source: CT Post • View

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Report Shows State Wage Inequality, Sluggish Growth

September 14, 2021 • Fiscal & Economics

A new report shows significant racial inequality in pay in Connecticut beyond the disparities that exist nationwide. According to the 2021 State of Working Connecticut report issued by Connecticut Voices for Children, the typical Black worker in the state was paid 68 cents for every dollar a typical...

Authors: Hugh McQuaid •  Source: CT News Junkie • View

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Connecticut Advocacy Group Report Claims State Economic Growth Below Average

September 13, 2021 • Fiscal & Economics

Connecticut’s economic growth has been below the national average for the last 10 years, according to an analysis by the advocacy group Connecticut Voices for Children. “Since the Great Recession Connecticut’s economy has shrunk overall and underperformed the U.S. economic growth in nearly eve...

Authors: Ebong Udoma •  Source: WSHU Public Radio • View

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Report: It’s going to take CT longer than other states to recover from the COVID recession Job losses, inequality present hurdles

September 13, 2021 • Fiscal & Economics

The COVID recession hit Connecticut’s economy harder than much of the rest of the United States, and it will take longer for the state to recover, according to a new report from policy think-tank Connecticut Voices for Children. The group’s annual “State of Working Connecticut” report foun...

Authors: Erica E. Phillips •  Source: Connecticut Mirror • View

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National study assesses state standing for child welfare, including successes and struggles

July 20, 2021 • Education & Employment

(WTNH) — In a recent national study, Connecticut ranked 8th for child welfare. In fact, the state is #1 in the number of young children enrolled in school. However, the results are a pre-pandemic “snapshot” of where the state is doing well and where we are at risk. The study, run by The Annie ...

Authors: Rich Coppola •  Source: WTNH • View

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Editorial: Pension outlook improves, at least a bit

July 19, 2021 • Fiscal & Economics

By The Day Editorial Board In 2014, The Day published a series of stories that revealed the seriousness of the pension crisis confronting Connecticut. For decades state elected leaders had negotiated labor contracts with state workers committing Connecticut taxpayers to provide generous pension pay...

Authors: The Day Editorial Board   •  Source: The Day • View

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Connecticut baby bonds program is treasurer’s ‘passion project’

July 16, 2021 • Fiscal & Economics

Connecticut Treasurer Shawn Wooden grew up in Hartford’s impoverished North End. “I know how the cycle of poverty helped push people back,” he said. That helped shape his push for his “passion project” for the past legislative session — CT Baby Bonds. The program, which Wooden calls firs...

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Lembo: Extra pension payments mean big savings now — and down the road

July 15, 2021 • Fiscal & Economics

While Connecticut wiped out $1.25 billion of its massive, long-term pension debt this month, it still has decades to go to cover the remainder — nearly $40 billion. But the one benefit will be felt right away. The supplemental payment frees up $110 million Connecticut now can spend annually on som...

Authors: Keith M. Phaneuf •  Source: Connecticut Mirror • View

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The coronavirus pandemic led to joblessness and food lines. A Bridgeport mother is hoping President Biden’s plan to cut child poverty will help her “catch up on all these bills”

July 4, 2021 • Fiscal & Economics

Tamika Grace has barely caught her breath since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. A single mother of two young daughters, the 43-year-old Bridgeport woman has had to navigate a year of remote schooling, reduced work hours and unexpected expenses. Grace was temporarily laid off from her job in childcare due...

Authors: Eliza Fawcett •  Source: The Hartford Courant • View

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Scanlon forces Lamont to keep focused on tax fairness, relief for middle class: State budget forces administration to conduct tax fairness study

June 29, 2021 • Fiscal & Economics

Gov. Ned Lamont blocked Rep. Sean Scanlon’s push this year for a major state income tax cut for Connecticut’s middle class. But Scanlon made sure — through the new state budget Lamont signed last week — that Lamont won’t be forgetting it any time soon. The two-year budget will force the ad...

Authors: Keith M. Phaneuf •  Source: Connecticut Mirror • View

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