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CT lawmakers want a closer look at inequality, and now the law demands it

June 30, 2022 • Fiscal & Economics

With gas prices soaring, stocks faltering, inflation at a 40-year high and a recession looming, Connecticut lawmakers are forcing the state to look more closely at inequality. Whoever wins this fall’s gubernatorial election cannot, by law, propose a new budget without showing how it addresses rac...

Authors: Keith M. Phaneuf •  Source: Connecticut Mirror • View

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Minimum wage in CT hits $14 this Friday

The state’s minimum wage will hit $15 by next year, thanks to a 2019 law. As much of the country is still squeezed by the grips of inflation, some Connecticut residents will see a little relief as of Friday. Beginning July 1, the state’s minimum wage will increase to $14 per hour from the curr...

Authors: Daniel Figueroa IV •  Source: CT Insider • View

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CT Voices for Children: 1 in 4 Connecticut children is part of an immigrant family and they need help

June 28, 2022 • Education & Employment

Advocacy organization Connecticut Voices for Children on Tuesday issued a report with 12 policy recommendations to improve access to early childhood care for immigrant and refugee families. The report, “The State of Early Childhood: Equity of Access for Immigrants and Refugees,” notes that one i...

Authors: Ted Glanzer •  Source: Hartford Courant • View

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Connecticut group calls on policy makers to expand benefits for immigrant and refugee families

June 28, 2022 • Education & Employment

Click HERE to listen to the ful article. The number of licensed early care and education centers in Connecticut decreased by 12.4% last year, according to a 100-page report released by Connecticut Voices for Children. Emily Byrne, the group’s executive director, said rising costs due to inflat...

Authors: Michael Lyle Jr. •  Source: WSHU • View

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Connecticut economic development commissioner calls for cutbacks to film tax credit

June 10, 2022 • Fiscal & Economics

State Department of Economic and Community Development Commissioner David Lehman is calling on state lawmakers to considering capping or reducing Connecticut’s tax incentives for film, television and digital media production — programs that have drawn criticism for years from advocates who say ...

Authors: Erica E. Phillips •  Source: Hartford Courant • View

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More than 90,000 households sign up for CT child tax rebate in first week

June 9, 2022 • Fiscal & Economics

More than 90,000 Connecticut households filed for the state’s new child tax rebate in the program’s first week, Rep. Sean Scanlon, the Guilford Democrat who spearheaded the program in the legislature, announced Wednesday. The applications from 90,320 households would benefit 144,313 children fro...

Authors: Keith M. Phaneuf •  Source: CT Pubilc • View

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Bridgeport debates adding cops to schools

June 9, 2022 • Rights & Justice

BRIDGEPORT — The police lieutenant who oversees the handful of officers assigned the city’s public schools this week called for that program to get a boost in manpower. “At the end of the day I think we do need more SROs (school resource officers) in Bridgeport,” Lt. Paul Grech told members ...

Authors: Brian Lockhart •  Source: CT Post • View

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CT Justice Alliance to Revisit #InvestInMe Campaign With Events The Week of Juneteenth

June 6, 2022 • Rights & Justice

The executive director of the Connecticut Justice Alliance said she was disappointed with recently-passed legislation that changes the way the state’s criminal justice system handles young offenders, as she said it doesn’t address root causes such as housing and economic insecurity and trauma. H...

Authors: Julie Martin Banks •  Source: CT News Junkie • View

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CT is offering $250 child tax rebates starting this week

June 1, 2022 • Fiscal & Economics

With cash-strapped families the focus but boosting as well those making good money — and spending some of it on leisure pursuits — Connecticut has begun taking applications for a child tax rebate, with the goal of delivering payments before Labor Day. Under the one-time program, couples filing j...

Authors: Alex Soule •  Source: CT Insider • View

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