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Police report sites filthy conditions inside apartment where 2-year-old fell to his death from window

New details show officers found conditions inside the apartment, “abysmal”, with bugs, mold, piles of garbage and clothes soiled in feces. HARTFORD, Conn. — FOX61 learned new information Wednesday about a tragic incident in Hartford that took place on Monday where a two-year-old died after fal...

Authors: Matt Caron •  Source: Fox 61 • View

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Wealthy Connecticut Takes Hard Look at Tax Code Fairness

July 21, 2023 • Fiscal & Economics

• State requires rigorous biennial tax incidence reports • Top earners had 6.64% effective rate Connecticut is embarking on a first-in-the-nation tax transparency initiative that could answer questions—shrouded in mystery in most states—about tax fairness and tax avoidance. A little-noticed ...

Authors: Michael J. Bologna •  Source: Bloomberg News • View

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Affordable housing boost could ease CT eviction crisis, report says

July 21, 2023 • Health & Housing

LISTEN • 1:00 The number of cost-burdened households in Connecticut exceeds the national average, according to a new study by the nonprofit Connecticut Voices for Children, which assessed the state’s eviction crisis, particularly as it impacts low-income families. Connecticut households are mor...

Authors: Abigail Brone •  Source: Connecticut Public Radio • View

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State’s housing crisis ‘self-inflicted’ says CT Voices for Children report on evictions 

July 19, 2023 • Health & Housing

 Dr. Samaila Adelaiye, one of the main authors of the both eviction reports, presents data on who the state housing crisis impacts at Tuesday’s press conference. From financials to health care, a sudden eviction impacts every facet of a person’s life. Local experts say the housing crisis conti...

Authors: Cris Villalonga-Vivoni •  Source: Record Journal • View

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Report: CT Needs Long-Term Solutions to Eviction Crisis

July 19, 2023 • Health & Housing

Click HERE to hear the audio version of this story. A Connecticut Voices for Children report found 39% of renters in the state who were not current on rent payments felt they would be evicted in the next two months. The rate was higher for Black and Latino renters, at 54% and 56% respectively. (Adob...

Authors: Edwin J. Viera •  Source: Public News Service • View

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Does CT’s lack of affordable housing contribute to its eviction rate?

July 18, 2023 • Health & Housing

This version of the article doesn’t include the interactive graphics that are part of the original article on the Connecticut Mirror website. Please click HERE for view the article in full. A larger proportion of Black or Hispanic households are behind on rent and at risk of eviction, accordin...

Authors: Ginny Monk •  Source: Connecticut Mirror • View

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CT Voices Makes Affordable Housing Proposals to Stem Eviction Crisis

July 18, 2023 • Health & Housing

Nonprofit think tank Connecticut Voices for Children urged “courageous” action on affordable housing policy following the Tuesday release of a report detailing recommendations to curb a rising number of evictions in Connecticut. The report is the second in a two-part series and sought to identi...

Authors: Hugh McQuaid •  Source: CT News Junkie • View

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Connecticut housing advocates call for increased development, protections for renters

July 18, 2023 • Health & Housing

Connecticut faces an eviction crisis, according to housing advocates. Connecticut Voices for Children has released the second installment of their report on the state’s eviction rates, called “Addressing Connecticut’s Eviction Crisis: Policy Options for Medium and Long-Term Reforms....

Authors: Molly Ingram •  Source: WSHU • View

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How CT’s college-readiness system leaves students of color behind

July 16, 2023 • Education & Employment

Please note that the article on this page is missing graphics. To see the graphics, please click on the article link. Top students at some CT high schools are finding that they’re not fully prepared for university courses For some students, being at the top of their class isn’t enough. Aniyah Pa...

Authors: Jessika Harkay •  Source: Connecticut Mirror • View

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CT to take a deeper look at whether state taxes are fair

July 14, 2023 • Fiscal & Economics

Next study will look at how much the top 1/2% pays Connecticut’s next study on tax fairness will go even deeper than its first two assessments, which concluded the poor and middle class proportionally pay much more than Connecticut’s wealthy. That’s because legislators recently directed the De...

Authors: Keith M. Phaneuf •  Source: Connecticut Mirror • View

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