CT Voices: Recession Likely, Depression Preventable

Back • Publication Date: April 2, 2020 •

Spend now. Tax the wealthy later.

Connecticut Voices for Children delivered that straightforward message Thursday during a virtual press conference at which the advocacy group released details from its latest report.

The report put forward several recommendations on how the state and federal government should respond to a coronavirus-linked recession and how to recover from it. (Read the full report here.)

“We are about to face an economic downturn the likes of which we have never seen. What’s unclear is whether a depression will follow. That’s why the next steps the state takes may be the most important for several years,” said CT Voices Executive Director Emily Byrne.

Report author Patrick O’Brien filled out this statement with some of the latest stats. Goldman Sachs is predicting a steep and sudden recession; the number of people who filed for employment last week set records….

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