Permanent child tax credit pushed by Connecticut comptroller

Back • Publication Date: April 14, 2023 • Fiscal & Economics

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The state had a child tax rebate last year, bringing $92 million of tax relief for nearly 370,000 Connecticut children.

HARTFORD, Conn. — State officials, lawmakers and advocates are once again pushing to make the child tax credit permanent in Connecticut.

The state had a child tax rebate last year, bringing $92 million of tax relief for nearly 370,000 Connecticut children.

Parents like Manchester resident Hadassah Velez were recipients.

“I think the child tax credit came in like a perfect timing of my life,” she said.

Velez’s mother passed away during the pandemic and she says the child tax credit was a lifeline.

“I don’t know what would have done without the child tax credit because the child tax credit was a big help for me and my family,” she continued.

Friday, she joined a group of elected officials, non-profit leaders and legislators apart of the Child Tax Credit Coalition.. pushing to make that tax relief permanent.

Sean Scanlon proposed the credit when he served in the state legislature on the finance committee in 2021. Now, as state comptroller, he’s urging lawmakers to renew the credit and include it in the state budget.

“Every dollar back matters and a CTC is the most effective credit we can provide that targets families with children,” said executive director of Voice For Children Emily Byrne.

Advocates want $300 million from the state to provide families $600 per child for single parents making up to $100,000 and two-parent households up to $200,000.

“We have an opportunity here in Connecticut to build on the success of what we did last year,” Scanlon said Friday.

The state legislature hasn’t been entirely receptive, though, spending time working on other tax cuts this session.

Lawmakers on the Finance Committee are still considering whether to add the child tax credit to their budget proposals.

“I’m hopeful, but there are lots of conversations to be had and I know myself and many other members will be trying to talk to colleagues to make sure this gets over the finish line,” said state Rep. Kate Farrar, (D-West Hartford) who sits on the Finance Committee.

Proponents say they’re hopeful the legislature will get this done in time to help more families like Velez.

“People do come from worse backgrounds and this child tax credit is very much needed for everyone,” Velez added.

The Finance Committee’s deadline is next week.

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