Progressive Dems renew push for tax reform, legalized cannibas

Back • Publication Date: February 18, 2020 •

Liberal democrats in the House of Representatives will renew their push this year for a more progressive tax system and legalized cannabis use while also pressing for new labor rules regarding worker schedules and an end to solitary confinement.

The Progressive Caucus, which includes a little less than half of the 91-member House Democratic majority, unveiled an agenda Tuesday that also includes new environmental initiatives and automatic voter registration.

“We are laser-focused to roll out these priorities,” said Rep. Anne Hughes, D-Easton, co-chairwoman of the caucus, who added the relative brevity of the 2020 General Assembly session — just over 13 weeks ending on May 6 — won’t bean  excuse not to act.

As it did last year, the caucus again will focus on reforming a state and municipal tax system with highly regressive levies like property and sales taxes that shift much of the burden onto the poor and middle-class.

The most pressing tax issue in Connecticut is not the overall tax burden,” said Rep. Michael Winker, D-Vernon, “but rather the regressive distribution of that burden, which exacerbates … income inequality.”

The caucus endorsed a plan released last month by Connecticut Voices for Children, a New Haven-based policy research group.

The plan would not alter overall revenues for the state. But it would provide relief for an estimated 90% of households….

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