The search for innovative solutions to women’s economic insecurity in Connecticut

Back • Publication Date: November 29, 2023 • Education & Employment, Emerging Issues, Fiscal & Economics, Health & Housing

On November 14th, Disrupted held a live event at Quinnipiac University to talk with leaders from across our state about the economic inequities that women face. The discussion focused on housing, childcare and economic mobility and coincided with the release of a report titled “Elusive Equity: Continuing Effects of the Pandemic on Women’s Economic Security.” First, Michelle Riordan-Nold of CTData Collaborative and Jenny Steadman of Aurora Women and Girls Foundation spoke about the findings of the report. Then, Jenny Steadman of Aurora Women and Girls Foundation, Karen DuBois-Walton of Elm City Communities, Emily Byrne of Connecticut Voices for Children and Karen Lott of the Women’s League Child Development Center talked about potential solutions to the issues women are facing.

The report was created by CTData Collaborative and funded by Aurora Women and Girls Foundation and The Community Fund for Women and Girls of the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven. To read the report, you can go to CTData Collaborative’s website.


Special thanks to our interns Lateshia Peters and Joey Morgan.

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Kevin Chang Barnum is a producer for Connecticut Public Radio’s weekly show Disrupted. Kevin grew up in Connecticut and started his radio work at his graduate university’s radio station, KUCI. He has also worked for HRN, a network of food and beverage podcasts.
Wayne Edwards is a freelance producer at Connecticut Public contributing to multi-platform productions, including ‘Disrupted’, ‘Where Art Thou?’, and ‘Cutline in the Community’.

Dr. Khalilah L. Brown-Dean is an award-winning scholar at Quinnipiac University, author, and host of ‘Disrupted’ on Connecticut Public.
Meg Dalton is the deputy director of storytelling for Connecticut Public. She previously worked for The Takeaway from WNYC, in collaboration with GBH and PRX, and Mobituaries with Mo Rocca. She’s also reported and edited for the Columbia Journalism Review, PBS NewsHour, Slate, MediaShift, Hearst Connecticut newspapers, and more. Her audio work has appeared on ‎WNYC, WSHU, Marketplace, WBAI, and NPR. She earned her master’s degree from Columbia Journalism School in 2017, where she specialized in audio storytelling and narrative writing, and has taught audio storytelling at Columbia Journalism School, UnionDocs, and public libraries.
Catie Talarski is Senior Director of Storytelling and Radio Programming at Connecticut Public.
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