‘We’re at a precipice’ child advocate says as Connecticut’s child tax rebate is set to end

Back • Publication Date: December 15, 2022 • Fiscal & Economics

There’s growing concern about the future of children across Connecticut. That’s according to the gathered advocates and the Connecticut speaker of the House, Matthew Ritter, at the annual Voices for Children State Budget Forum.

In May of 2022, Connecticut funded the first ever state-level child tax rebate, allocating $250 per child for families under certain income thresholds. But that rebate is set to expire.

Ritter says he wants to maintain stability and predictability for these families who need more help. Ritter wants to see the tax rebate extended, find a way to be sustainable and provide the right amount of relief to working families.

Emily Byrne is the Executive Director of Connecticut Voices for Children. She spoke on the importance of government decisions and how they will impact the future generations of children to come.

“More than ever, the choices being made today by those in elected office will determine the choices our children are able to make in the future,” Byrne said. “We’re at a precipice that if we’re not careful, we could intentionally or unintentionally set back an entire generation of Connecticut residents.”

Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly identified the benefit as a “child tax credit.” Connecticut provided a child tax rebate in 2022.

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