Just Research Q&A: 23rd Tax & Budget Forum

Date First Aired: January 29, 2024

Our third Just Research Q&A focuses on our two reports released in coordination with our 23rd Tax & Budget Forum. Both reports encompass research and data on supporting the economic well-being of Connecticut’s families and children; however, one report provides an Overview of the CT Child Tax Credit and the other report provides an Overview of CT Baby Bonds. Each report highlights how income and wealth equity policies are integral to eradicate poverty and advance family economic security. If you’re interested in learning more, click HERE or on the links above to the reports and event recording. Click below to hear our Just Research Q&A on the economic well-being of Connecticut’s families and children and how a CT Child Tax Credit and CT Baby Bonds can help advance economic justice.  


Just Research Q&A: Fostering Stable Homes: Tackling Housing Displacement For a Stronger Connecticut

Date First Aired: January 17, 2024

Our second Just Research Q&A is on our report, “Fostering Stable Homes: Tackling Housing Displacement For a Stronger Connecticut.” The report completes a housing arc from last year by providing a deeper dive on the eviction crisis in Connecticut and expands our view to include foreclosures and homelessness. We specifically look at how our state’s restrictive land-use and zoning leads to the increased displacement of renters and homeowners as well as provide policy recommendations that would mitigate displacement. You can read our Just Research HERE. You can read the Just Facts HERE. Click below to listen to our Just Research Q&A. (If you’re interested in learning more, you can find Part 1 of our eviction reports HERE and Part 2 HERE.)


Just Research Q&A: 2023 State of Early Childhood

Date First Aired: January 13, 2024

Welcome to our first Just Research Q&A!  Over the years, we’ve published reports on a wide variety of topics that eradicate poverty and advance family economic security. More recently, we call these reports, “Just Research.” Our longer reports include an Executive Summary that provides a snapshot of the report, and each report (whether they’re long or short) also includes a very condensed document of key data points, which we call, “Just Facts.” Sometimes we produce “Just Facts Videos” that are short clips that are both audio and visual. As we kick off 2024, we’ve decided to try something new.  We know that learning comes in all forms, and people just don’t have the time to read lengthy reports.  So, for each report we publish, we’ll also include a podcast that features questions and answers between CT Voices’ Executive Director and the report authors.  While the podcast won’t include all the data or charts and graphs included in the report, it will provide a comprehensive summary and explanation for why we’re publishing on the topic. Again, this is a pilot. If we get great feedback, we’ll continue to produce them. So, please let us know what you think! Our first Just Research Q&A will be on our “2023 State of Early Childhood: A Response to the Governor’s Blue Ribbon Panel on Child Care and a Continuation of Spotlighting Disenfranchised Populations.” This report continues the arc of our past three SOEC reports with a specific focus on children with special needs. Our recommendations in this SOEC report mirror those by the Governor’s Blue Ribbon Panel on Child Care. You can read our Just Research HERE. You can read the Executive Summary HERE. You can read the Just Facts HERE. Click below to listen to our Just Research Q&A.


For the People Podcast: July 31, 2022

Date First Aired: July 31, 2022

The segment with CT Voices’ Dr. Lauren Ruth begins at 18:43. State Senator Tony Hwang is helping unpack the complexities related to numerous proposed massive health insurance rate hikes under consideration for 2023. So we’ll help explain how you as ratepayers and health insurance consumers can step up and try to help stop or greatly reduce those proposed rate increases. Then we’ll welcome Connecticut Voices for Children to talk about their 2022 State of Early Childhood — examining the accessibility, affordability, quality, and funding of Connecticut’s early childhood system. And, on a similar subject, we’re reconnecting with End Hunger Connecticut, which just convened a round table of policy makers and experts discussing the future of the popular summer meals program, and what’s in store for kids in cafeterias all over the state this coming school year.


Darien Talks Housing

Date First Aired: May 7, 2021

This is the sixth session in the series. Darien residents, in partnership with Fairfield County’s Center for Housing Opportunity, are inviting the members of the community to join them for a conversation regarding the ties between housing and education. Panelists include: – Emily Byrne, Executive Director, Connecticut Voices for Children – Amy Dowell, State Director, Democrats for Education Reform CT – Subira Gordon, Executive Director, ConnCAN – Allegra, Vice President, RAGETIME (Reform and Amend General Education)


Council 4 Unplugged: Talking Inequality

Date First Aired: February 1, 2021

Connecticut is plagued by the inter-related problems of wealth inequality and a regressive tax structure. COVID-19 has made it all worse. Emily Byrne, the Executive Director of CT Voices, addresses these issues and provides useful policy prescriptions.


Members In Connecticut’s Largest Teachers Union Want School To Reopen Online Or Follow Hybrid Plan

Date First Aired: August 3, 2020

The school year starts soon, and teachers and parents still ask: How will schools open safely? This hour, we talk with Jeff Leake, the president of the state’s largest teachers union, the Connecticut Education Association. The union says the state should only open school buildings if CDC and other safety guidelines are met. Some teachers worry that crowded classrooms won’t have sufficient measures to prevent COVID-19 outbreaks. And if schools become fully remote, how can districts ensure that all students are able to access online learning? We, hear from a Columbia University researcher who is helping districts plan ahead for the possibility of returning to fully-remote education. Are you a teacher or a parent? What fears or concerns do you have for this upcoming school year? GUESTS: 
Jeff Leake – President of the Connecticut Education Association (CEA), the largest teachers’ union in Connecticut Elizabeth Chu – Executive Director of the Center for Public Research and Leadership at Columbia Law School


Connecticut Nonprofits Say An Accurate Count Is Crucial In 2020 Census

Date First Aired: January 6, 2020

It’s officially 2020, which means you may see a census taker knocking on your door this Spring. The decennial census also will be online. This hour, we talk with NPR’s Hansi Lo Wang about efforts to count everyone who lives in the United States, and why it matters. And later, we hear from local nonprofits about whether the state of Connecticut is spending enough on Census outreach. Lieutenant Governor Susan Bysiewicz will join us to talk about the state’s efforts. Got a question about the 2020 census? GUESTS: Hansi Lo Wang – NPR National Correspondent covering the 2020 Census (@hansilowang) Jay Williams – President, Hartford Foundation for Public Giving Joan Cruz – Director of Special Projects, Hispanic Health Council Susan Bysiewicz – Lieutenant Governor of the State of Connecticut (@LGSusanB)


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