Members In Connecticut’s Largest Teachers Union Want School To Reopen Online Or Follow Hybrid Plan

Back •  Published: August 3, 2020

The school year starts soon, and teachers and parents still ask: How will schools open safely? This hour, we talk with Jeff Leake, the president of the state’s largest teachers union, the Connecticut Education Association. The union says the state should only open school buildings if CDC and other safety guidelines are met. Some teachers worry that crowded classrooms won’t have sufficient measures to prevent COVID-19 outbreaks. And if schools become fully remote, how can districts ensure that all students are able to access online learning? We, hear from a Columbia University researcher who is helping districts plan ahead for the possibility of returning to fully-remote education. Are you a teacher or a parent? What fears or concerns do you have for this upcoming school year?

Jeff Leake – President of the Connecticut Education Association (CEA), the largest teachers’ union in Connecticut
  • Elizabeth Chu – Executive Director of the Center for Public Research and Leadership at Columbia Law School

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