2024 Candidate Briefing Book

Back • Publication Date: June 13th, 2024

Authors: Carmen N. Clarkin, MPH, Research & Policy Associate; Patrick R. O’Brien, Ph.D. Research & Policy Director; Lauren Ruth, Ph.D. Research & Policy Director; Emily Byrne M.P.A. Executive Director; Nick Teeling, Advocacy Deputy Director; Eli Sabin, Legislative Coordinator; Carla B Abdo-Katsipis, Ph.D. Research & Policy Fellow; Rachel Diaz, MPH, Health Policy Intern; and Samaila Adelaiye, Ph.D. Research & Policy Fellow with Partnership for Strong Communities

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Connecticut Voices for Children released a new report titled, “2024 Candidate Briefing Book.” Designed to provide a snapshot of helpful research and data for Connecticut residents and candidates running for political office this election cycle, this document extends the issues undergirding our broad vision toward economic justice and our specific aim of eradicating child poverty and advancing family economic security–we call this strategy the Connecticut Families Plan. First elevated in January of 2022, the Connecticut Families Plan seeks to put more money in the pockets of hardworking families, build a strong and diverse workforce, create more affordable housing in every town across the state, and ensuring every zip code has safe and healthy communities.

Due to the lingering impact from the COVID-19 pandemic, this “Book” may be viewed in tandem with our Issue Briefing Book 2020-2022, which was published in July of 2020 and the 2022 Candidate Briefing, which was published in June of 2022.