A Connecticut Taxpayer Receipt

Back • Publication Date: April 17th, 2012

Authors: Matt Santacroce and Wade Gibson, J.D.

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In Connecticut, the personal income tax is the largest single source of General Fund revenue – contributing more than $8.6 billion in the current fiscal year. This fact sheet takes a look at exactly how these dollars are spent.  Our "taxpayer receipt" provides an overview of the relative distribution of tax dollars across the various government functions covered by the General Fund.

The median taxpayer owes about $1,016 per year in state income taxes, or $84.67 per month. The chart below distributes that monthly figure across the various services our state government provides, giving a rough estimate of how your tax dollars are put to work

For these modest costs, Connecticut residents enjoy a wide variety of public goods and services that are central to our quality of life and economic prosperity: schools that educate our children, rails and roads that facilitate commerce, police and fire departments that protect our families, healthcare that cures disease, and environmental protection that keeps Connecticut beautiful. Our taxes pay for achieving these common goals that we can’t accomplish individually.