Asthma and Asthma-Related Health Care for Children Enrolled in HUSKY A: 2006

Back • Publication Date: May 15th, 2008

Authors: Mary Alice Lee, PhD, Karen Sautter, MPH, and Amanda Learned, BA

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One in five children in HUSKY A (Medicaid) received health care for asthma in 2006. The proportion of children who received timely follow-up care after emergency visits or hospitalization was well below treatment guidelines. Fewer than one in four children (23%) who had emergency care for asthma in 2006 received follow-up care within 2 weeks of the visit, as recommended. Just over half of children hospitalized for asthma (52%) were seen in the 2 weeks following discharge. Most but not all children with persistent asthma received appropriate medications for long-term control of symptoms.