Births to Mothers in HUSKY A: Birth Outcomes, 2004

Back • Publication Date: February 9th, 2007

Authors: Mary Alice Lee, Ph.D.

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This report finds that babies born to mothers in Connecticut’s Medicaid program are at risk for poor birth outcomes. Compared to all other babies in Connecticut, rates for low birthweight, very low birthweight, and preterm birth were higher for babies born to mothers covered by HUSKY A and FFS Medicaid compared to all other babies born in Connecticut. Since 2000, the low birthweight rate has remained fairly steady, while the preterm birth rate declined somewhat through 2003 and rebounded in 2004 for babies born to HUSKY A and all other mothers. The report recommends: 1) strengthening collaborative efforts between HUSKY A health plans and community providers to improve early identification, early enrollment, and early care for HUSKY-eligible pregnant women, and 2) ensuring Medicaid coverage for smoking cessation services for teens and pregnant women.