Births to Mothers with Medicaid Coverage by Town, 2005

Back • Publication Date: May 18th, 2007

Authors: Mary Alice Lee, Ph.D.

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One in three babies born in Connecticut in 2005 was born to a mother whose care was covered by Medicaid. Medicaid covered births in almost every Connecticut town. In Connecticut’s three largest cities, Medicaid (HUSKY A and fee for service) covered most births in 2005, including 76 percent of all births to Hartford residents, 61 percent of all births to New Haven residents, and 61 percent of all births to Bridgeport residents, compared with just 26 percent of births in all other towns (see table). In four small cities and large towns (New Britain, New London, Waterbury, and Windham), more than half of all babies born in 2005 were born to mothers with Medicaid coverage.