Health Care for Children and Adults Newly Enrolled in HUSKY A: 2007

Back • Publication Date: August 5th, 2009

Authors: Mary Alice Lee, PhD, Karen Sautter, MPH, and Amanda Learned, BA

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This report finds that many children (12%) and adults (22%) who were new to HUSKY A (not enrolled in the HUSKY Program in the previous 12 months) were not continuously enrolled in the program for even six months, despite having just completed the application, eligibility determination, and enrollment processes. Many newly enrolled children and adults received well-care (48%) or dental care (20%) within six months of enrollment. However, health care utilization by new enrollees did not improve from the previous year, despite program–wide and plan-specific efforts to enhance appointment availability and appointment scheduling assistance. Despite having new health insurance coverage, many new enrollees (28%) obtained care in emergency departments, including care for conditions that might have been averted or treated in primary care settings.