High Quality Education & Training: A Proven Investment in Connecticut’s Future

Back • Publication Date: March 28th, 2008

Authors: Lauren Velazquez, M.P.P.

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Investments in education and continuing training ensure that Connecticut maintains a strong and competitive workforce. However, our overall state investment in education is far too frugal for a state of our wealth. Connecticut ranks 47th among all states in state and local spending on all education as a share of its total personal income, and 49th in its spending on higher education. If Connecticut’s state and local education spending had been at the national average (as a share of total personal income), Connecticut’s education investment in 2004 would have been about $1.99 billion greater than it was, a 25% increase. In addition, Connecticut has shifted more of the burden of funding schools to our cities and towns. The state’s contribution to K-12 public education was once 45% of town costs, but is now roughly 40%, one of the lowest shares in the nation.