House Democrats Budget Proposal: A Small Step in the Right Direction

Back • Publication Date: August 31st, 2017

Authors: Ray Noonan, with analysis by Sharon Langer, Daniel Long, Karen Siegel, Lauren Ruth, and Nicole Updegrove

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Connecticut’s budget is the clearest statement of its policy priorities. As such, it should prioritize revenue and expense options that improve equity, advance long-term inclusive economic prosperity, and assure support for our most vulnerable residents.

To solve the short-term budget crisis and lay the foundation for future prosperity, the legislature and the Governor must use all tools available, seeking both new revenue and expense-side savings. The House Democrats’ most recent budget proposal takes steps in that direction, acknowledging the need for new revenue to balance our budget gap. The proposal’s attempts to adapt our tax system to the 21st century demonstrate a willingness to reject an austerity-only approach and seek a more balanced path forward.

Despite this important step, the budget still falls short in the severity of the cuts endorsed and the impact of the new revenue approach chosen.