HUSKY A for Parents and Caregivers: Restoring Health Coverage for Families

Back • Publication Date: April 12th, 2018

Authors: Karen Siegel

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In 2015, Connecticut reduced the income eligibility limits for parents and caregivers enrolled in HUSKY A (Connecticut’s Medicaid program for children and their relative caretakers) from 201% of the federal poverty limit (FPL) to 155% FPL. In 2017,  a further reduction to 138% FPL ($34,638 for a family of four) means that as of January 2019 approximately 13,522 parents and caretakers will lose access to HUSKY A insurance coverage.

As a result, many families cannot afford to purchase health insurance on the regulated health care exchanges, even with subsidies and limits on cost-sharing. Dental insurance is a separate option. Even when paying two premiums, families often experience reduced services and unsustainable out-of-pocket costs. Over 78% of parents/caregivers who lost coverage in the first round of cuts have no known health insurance.

In this report, we evaluate the coverage reductions, with data on the number of caregivers affected by the 2017 HUSKY eligibility reduction by town. 

You can also download the impact of the cuts by legislative district here