Impact of May Budget Adjustments on the FY 11 Budget for Early Care and Education

Back • Publication Date: May 13th, 2010

Authors: Annemarie Hillman

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On May 7, 2010, the Connecticut legislature’s adjustments to FY 11 expenditures (S.B. 494) were signed into law by Governor Rell. Adjustments affecting early care and education largely mirrored recommendations made by the Appropriations Committee in March 2010. Perhaps most significantly, funding for Connecticut’s Care4Kids program was increased to $103.42 million. This represents an addition of $7.5 million to the initial FY 11 appropriation for the program, and an increase of $19 million from the Governor’s proposed revisions to the FY 11 budget. If fully spent, this increase will be crucial to maintaining the level of child care support offered to Connecticut’s working families.

Another noteworthy change in the budget is the allotment of $15.43 million to the Children’s Trust Fund, which had faced a loss of almost half its budget in the Governor’s initial proposed FY 11 budget revisions. The May budget adjustments fully restore funding to the Trust Fund, and furthermore, provides an additional $1.75 million in funding over the initial FY 11 appropriations. At this time, it is unclear if the additional funding provided to the Children’s Trust Fund will be directed to one or more of its existing programs (such as the Parent Trust Fund, the Nurturing Families Network, or Legal Services for Children) or an entirely new program.