Impact on Early Care and Education of the Governor’s Proposed Rescissions to the FY12 Budget

Back • Publication Date: February 6th, 2012

Authors: Sarah Esty and Cyd Oppenheimer, J.D.

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Governor Malloy's recent proposed rescissions to the Fiscal Year 2012 budget leave early care and education programs largely untouched. In particular, the plan maintains funding, as originally passed, for Care4Kids, State Head Start, Head Start Enhancement, and School Readiness in Priority and Competitive districts.

However, the Governor's rescissions do contain some worrisome cuts. These include:

  • Family Resource Centers, which are slated for a $302,074 (5%) cut; Childcare Quality Enhancements, which will lose 5% of its funding ($187,284)
  • The Children's Trust Fund, which has been recommended for a $183,899 (1.5%) cut in FY 12 funding – off of an appropriation which was already down 17% from FY 11 levels;
  • Even Start, which faces a $25,000 (5%) cut;
  • Childcare Services (provided through the state-funded child care centers) which will lose $100,000, or 0.5% of total funding for the centers;
  • School Readiness Quality Enhancement, which has been recommended for a $55,033 cut (5% reduction).