Independent Performance Monitoring in the HUSKY Program: Ensuring Accountability for Scarce State Dollars

Back • Publication Date: February 22nd, 2016

Authors: Mary Alice Lee, Ph.D.

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State-funded independent performance monitoring in Connecticut’s HUSKY Program produces policy-relevant, actionable data about coverage and access to care for 455,000 children, parents and pregnant women in low income families.

As part of a far larger state budget deficit mitigation package, Governor Malloy has once again proposed to eliminate funding for independent performance monitoring in Connecticut’s HUSKY Program ($178,143 in FY17).  In fact, that cut saves very little in state dollars because the federal government reimburses Connecticut at least 50 cents on every dollar spent.  The cost to Connecticut can be measured in terms of lost federal revenue and reduced accountability for program performance in several key areas (coverage continuity, maternal health and birth outcomes, impact of program changes). The State of Connecticut should continue to fund this long-standing investment in HUSKY Program improvement, building on the legacy of independence performance monitoring and program accountability.