Issue Briefing Book 2020-2022

Back • Publication Date: July 27th, 2020

Authors: Lauren Ruth, Ph.D., Patrick O'Brien, Ph.D.; Emily Byrne, M.P.A.; Sana Shah, M.S.; Ryan Wilson; Erin Sheehan; Susana Barragan

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Connecticut Voices for Children released their Issue Briefing Book 2020-2022.  Versions of this document have been developed throughout the 25 years of the organization’s history. As the state experiences the convergence of a health crisis, an economic recession due to that crisis, and a contentious and long-overdue conversation on race, the “Book” has been refreshed given Voices’ new, strategic aim toward economic justice and these unprecedented times. The Issue Briefing Book 2020-2022 is designed to be a starting point for shared knowledge around the research and recommendations that are fundamental to family economic security and the undergirding fiscal and economics, with the hope of advancing shared action.