Preventive Care For Children in HUSKY A: 2007

Back • Publication Date: January 13th, 2009

Authors: Mary Alice Lee, Ph.D. and Amanda Learned, B.A.

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This report on the use of preventive care services among children in HUSKY A (Medicaid) found that use of well-child care services decreased between 2006 and 2007 among all but the youngest children and in all health plans. Only six in ten children 2 to 19 received well-child care in a one-year period. Preventive dental care utilization increased in 2007 in all age groups and in most health plans. However, one of every two children 3 to 19 did not receive preventive care and only 35 percent had two or more visits. About one in ten children 2 to 19 went the entire year without any health services, despite having been enrolled for 12 months in health plans. Preventive care rates continue to fall short of professional recommendations and expectations for HUSKY Program and health plan performance.