Simplifying Care4Kids to Help Serve High Risk Families: Foster Children

Back • Publication Date: March 6th, 2007

Authors: Peg Oliveira, PhD

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This is the first in a series of three briefs that highlight eligibility and access issues with Care4Kids, Connecticut’s child care subsidy program, for foster children, homeless children, and children in immigrant families. These three groups of children regularly experience extreme instability and are highly vulnerable for school failure and other lifelong challenges. Recommendations are offered with each report to simplify eligibility and enhance access to Care4Kids for these underserved and at risk populations.

Children in foster care are at great risk for poor outcomes in school and throughout their lifetimes. Young foster children are particularly vulnerable to the negative effects of instability. Early care and education settings can have particular benefits to foster children if they can – through the loving and consistent care given by early care providers – provide needed and often lacking emotional nurturing and stability. However, current Care4Kids policy does not explicitly assist in the creation of this much needed stability for this at risk group of children.