Promoting the well-being of Connecticut children, youth, and families

We focus on key issues regarding Early Care and College & Career Readiness

Early Care

Our early care work is focused on:

  • Ensuring all young children have access to high-quality care-giving environments that are developmentally appropriate, culturally sensitive, and that recognize parents as children’s first and most important teachers
  • Creating an integrated state-wide system of early care and education that will lead to improved overall quality of state-subsidized programs, greater access for children and families, better data collection and analysis and, accordingly, wiser investments

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College & Career Readiness

Our college and career readiness work seeks to:

  • Inform the creation of an equitable public education policy and financing structure
  • Keep children in schools, where they learn best, by reducing truancy, exclusionary discipline, and dropout
  • Combine efforts to support children in school and address inequities in family well-being
  • Promote a rich, broad curriculum for all children

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