Vision & Values

We envision a Connecticut that is thriving and equitable, and where all children achieve their full potential.

Connecticut Voices for Children is a researched-based advocacy organization (aka a “think and do” tank) with the following values:

Equity: We believe inequities, especially racial and ethnic inequities, abound in Connecticut and prevent children from reaching their full potential.  To address these inequities, we incorporate a deep and holistic focus on racial and ethnic equity in both our work and our workplace.

Integrity: We believe trust and credibility are built over time by delivering high-quality, authentic and transparent research and recommendations that are grounded in fact, data and analysis.  We demonstrate respect for multiple viewpoints and engage stakeholders on all sides of an issue and, at the same time, take bold and courageous positions aligned with our values.

Impact: We believe we can influence policy and foster change by producing rigorous research, analysis, and fact-based recommendations, and advocating with relevant stakeholders.  We establish and measure performance objectives and seek improvement if we are not achieving the impact we seek.

Community-Centered: We believe listening to multiple viewpoints is important but public policy discourse in Connecticut does not adequately include the voices of children and families impacted by public policy.  We engage directly with community members and amplify their voices in our work.

Learning Mindset: We believe curiosity, innovation, and learning are central to our success, both in our issue areas and in our own skills.  We prioritize collaboration and risk-taking as we learn and recognize that failure is also a learning opportunity.

Our Policy Priorities

  • Family Economic Security

    Today, the state’s income and wealth divides are greater than ever, but so much of a child’s well-being is rooted in family economic security. Children cannot thrive unless families do, which is why Connecticut Voices conducts research and analysis as well as works with stakeholders and partners to co-create recommendations and advance advocacy that support housing, criminal justice, and employment as well as the intersectional issues of health, child welfare, and education.

  • Fiscal & Economics

    Budgets are a clear reflection of what and who we value. Connecticut Voices identifies and advocates for investments in children and families as the primary budget priority, but we also conduct research and work with stakeholders and partners to co-create recommendations and advance advocacy that support inclusive growth and a fair tax system within the state.

  • Emerging Issues

    The world and state are changing rapidly and we recognize that to keep up with the pace of these changes, we must be nimble and adapt, and address issues and emergencies when they arise, which is why Connecticut Voices identifies new, timely issues and conducts research and analysis as well as works with stakeholders and partners to co-create recommendations and advance advocacy that are of the most emergent import to the well-being of the state’s children and families.

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Research & Policy

To foster policy changes, Connecticut Voices conducts research and analysis on a variety of challenges facing Connecticut’s children and families, including but not limited to education, health, housing, rights, justice, family economic security as well as tax and budget topics. We co-create policy recommendations with partners and share our knowledge with interested parties. We host informational forums that bring Connecticut and national leaders together to share “best practice” thinking on a variety of policy issues. Our research & policy reports are widely cited by community-based organizations, elected officials, and news media.

Leadership Development

We actively build the leadership of and rely on the next generation of thinkers and doers. Intentionally working with young people in high school as well as undergraduate and graduate school, we cultivate a strong interest in public policy to advance economic justice at an early age. Our innovative partnerships with community-based organizations that engage local high school students, Yale Law School, Yale School of Epidemiology and Public Health, and talented college and graduate students across the state provides hands-on experience to students who desire a range of experiences in research, policy analysis and advocacy.

Partnership & Advocacy

We work through partnerships to share knowledge and collaborate where it makes sense. A strong supporter of working through coalitions, Connecticut Voices is a founding member of the CT Juvenile Justice Alliance, the CT Early Childhood Alliance, and Better Choices for CT. At the national level, Connecticut Voices is a state partner with a number of organizations that share our vision and values. But because policy change is often possible only through legislation, Connecticut Voices works to advance—through the Connecticut General Assembly and state agencies—the sound policy and budget choices necessary for the well-being of our youngest residents and their families, and Connecticut’s future.

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We envision a Connecticut that creates opportunity for everyone, not just the lucky and privileged few. Together, we can ensure a prosperous future for all of our children.